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Scissor me timbers.
I look like a homeless billionaire.

Current Residence: Canadiaville
Personal Quote: "Use your damn indoor voice."
It's Like That - Run DMC

So here's the low-down.
I'm not updating because I'm lacking creativity.
Absolutely no surprise there.
But I'm finding it increasingly difficult
To find things to draw.

Obviously my art isn't improving at all
Mostly because I don't feel like drawing anymore.
And I don't want to improve either.
Which actually works in your favour,
Since my crap art is more favourable than the stuff I work on.

So in between school,
A full time management job,
And playing L4D,
I'll try to draw, and if possible, improve.

But those 3 take up a surprising amount of time.
'Specially L4D.
We'll wait and see. o_o

- Boots, FABULOUS.

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aelmer6 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Oh my god, I love your art!
WhiskeyFox Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
I love Claymore.  Especially Cynthia.
HYSM90s Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Your Claymore comics are hilarious! Keep on making them, they feed my inner nerd!
YomaGuts Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Student Writer
OMG please make more Claymore funnies. The Helen bits are hilarious!
Latea94 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
You were the reason I joined deviantART first. I couldn't see some of your pics because of the mature content. Now I'm back with another account, and I highly respect you. I love Claymore.
CaptZealot Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
lol your like chuck norris too awsome to die :]
warriorbug Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
what's the msn E-mail
I need to use to send you notes?
anyone know?
SNHigginsss Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Thalia. I know we don't really talk anymore, but I found this and thought of that time we joked around about a park having a sign full of things you cannot do.

No David Schwimmer allowed. [link]

(oh and i just read some of these comments, what is wrong with that anon? I know for a fact that Bootleg is in fact, still with the living. Anything for attention it seems.)
Bootleg Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
No Gangnam style? OUTRAGEOUS.
tenebris-miles Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry to hear about the bad news. Bootleg's art (especially the Claymore chibis) always made me laugh even on a bad say. Such an awesome person will be missed here on DeviantART.
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